“Broken Vessels”


These 12 oil paintings below are from my recent exhibition, “Broken Vessels.” This series is based on the philosophy of kintsugi. Started in the 14th Century, a Japanese Emperor broke his favorite teacup. Artisans fixed it by putting gold in the cracks. This makes the vessel stronger and more beautiful. People also break. Each painting represents an element that breaks in a human being and then has to be healed.

Each wooden panel below was cut up with a sabersaw and then reglued, repaired and then filled in with 24k gold paint and then 24k gold leaf.

“Broken Vessel #1 Spirituality”


“Broken Vessel #2 Physicality”


“Broken Vessel #3 Security”

“Broken Vessel #4 Love

“Broken Vessel #5 Peace”


“Broken Vessel #6 Beauty”


“Broken Vessel #7 Innocence”

“Broken Vessel #8 Trust”


“Broken Vessel #9 Hope”


“Broken Vessel #10 Faith”

“Broken Vessel #11 Endurance”


“Broken Vessel #12 Identity”

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