Currently at the Butler Museum of American Art

Pastel Scociety of America “Enduraing Brilliance” International Exhibition,  Southeastern Pastel Societies Award


“Arrested Momentum”



IAPS Maggie Price Award of Excellence 2014 Pastel 100 Honorable Mention, BoldBrush Competition Best Pastel, Cover of IAPS convention 2015

Pastel 100


IAPS “Prix des Pastel” 2015, 

IAPS Invitational, Suzhou, China

Pastel 100



Pastel Society of Perigord Invitational in Dordogne, France 2016


IAPS Award of Excellence in honor of Maggie Price, 

BoldBrush Competition Best Pastel,

ARC Renewal Finalist,  2nd place Tivoli Italy, 

Pastel 100 


IAPS “Gold Medal” 

Portrait Society of America 5th Place Members Only Competition.

Pastel 100 


Pastel 100 Honorable Mention

ARC Renewal Finalist 

Pastel 100



IAPS Master Circle Exhibition 2018



Artist Magazine, Honorable Mention 2023. IAPS “Prix des Pastel” 2020 

Pastel Journal Pastel 100


Pastel 100  


IAPS “Honorable Mention” 2013

PSA Founders Award

Pastel 100 

“Making Ends Meet”

Portrait Society of America Members Only International Competition “Out of the Box” Honorable Mention

Pastel 100


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