Upcoming Zoom Workshops 2021 

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“POWER of Pastel” Portrait workshop – 2 days

Wednesday & Friday, September 22 & 24


Day 1.  Wednesday, September 22.
10am-12pm  |  12-1pm break for lunch  |  1-4pm

LAW of Light and the “Thirds of the Head”
Build a portrait along with Christine over two days using  her 5-layer approach. Day 1 includes learning  the system of finding a likeness for a portrait quickly with the “Thirds of the Head” methodology. NO more remembering the “math” dividing up the head. It doesn’t work- because we are all different! Then the afternoon will focus on Light- understanding it, seeing it and painting it. The LAW. The rules. Ever wonder if you have errors in your work from working from photos? Now you will absolutely know. This class will apply to any subject matter, but will be applied to how light acts across the complex topography of the head.

Day 2.  Friday, September 24.
10am-12pm  |  12-1pm break for lunch  |  1-4pm

Day 2 focuses on understanding the pastel medium with Christine’s philosophy of the “Power of Pastel.” Take control of this medium and master those dusty sticks. Know when to use which brand. Know which pastels play nice with each other and which do not. The portrait started on Day 1 will be brought to completion on this day. I promise, you will never look at your sticks the same way again. And color? Oh yes, let’s talk.

*** Must already possess a good variety of pastels. No specific brands needed, just pencils and a few brands from different companies. (which most pastellists tend to collect!) Questions? Reach out!

$300 total for both days.  Videos of the classes: both days are $200.
Payable through PayPal. 

CONTACT: Email Christine at christine@swannportraits.com to register.

This 2-day workshop is also running:
– November 3 and 5, 2021

October 8 and 9, 2021 with the Pastel Society of the West Coast.

Register here: https://pswc.ws/event-calendar/#!calendar/r

“Take Control of Any Painting” Workshops


Wednesday, November 10.
10am-12pm  |  12-1pm break for lunch  |  1-4pm

I believe in the 3 ‘C’s” of painting… Composition, Color and Control. This knowledge applies to every medium and to every subject.  These next two workshops are for any medium and for any level of artist.  

Learn the dynamics of diagonals and how to implement the Pythagorean Theory of Harmonic Divisions of the Rectangle.  This system was used by masters for centuries to control their compositions. Vermeer, Sargent, Degas, Valesquez. Find out why composing a painting can be like music and based on “good math” but with no measuring. Promise! 

$150. Email to reserve a spot at christine@swannportaits.com
Video of the class is available for $100.

Friday, November 12.
10am-12pm  |  12-1pm break for lunch  |  1-4pm

Everything you need to know to understand color.  Hue families, chroma, color sensitivity and how to set up color harmonies. Go beyond using only  “complimentary” colors and truly master the color wheel. Each attendee will get to submit a painting ahead of time for Christine to adjust by “taking the wheel” to it and seeing how the painting benefits from putting it into a color harmony.  Each painting will be reviewed during class.  You will see Color is also like music- find your song!

$150 each day or $300 for both Color and Composition classes.
Video of the class is available for $100.

Contact: Reserve a spot at christine@swannportaits.com.  Payment through PayPal. 

Questions? Reach out!

Upcoming In-Person Workshops 
now being planned for 2022!

Sante Fe, New Mexico

June 27 and 28, 2022 

Coming right on the heels of the IAPS convention, stay with me in Sante Fe and learn about Light and the Portrait! New amazing venue and exotic models.  More info. to come. 

Antigua in the Caribbean

July 2022 – dates TBA

I will be your host and instructor for one week in this tropical paradise!  Located in the Leeward Islands, this Caribbean country is truly an artists’ heaven on earth. We will stay in a 4-star resort (close to my daughters house) and paint landscapes in the morning and portraits in the afternoons. Experiences include visiting a gin distillery for tastings and sailing to a deserted island. 

I am only taking 7 artists with me!!

Cost and more info coming soon.  

Reach out with questions: christine@swannportraits.com

About the Instructor

Christine is known for her powerful depictions of light in her portraits. She loves teaching workshops. Learn better understanding and control of the medium while applying it to portraiture, with an understanding of light. Her casual teaching style and personal attention make the workshops fun and yet challenging. Her in-person workshops are not demonstration in the morning and then do your own thing the rest of the day” workshops!

Christine’s 5-layer approach to understanding light and controlling the “power” of the pastel medium will help artists create well-designed works of art. So, conquer the fear of creating!


“As an adult beginner I have taken many courses at a well-known traditional art school in PA, and, in the past two years the few courses offered in pastels (typically taught by oil painters) and several out-of-state workshops. I got more out of this three-day workshop than any past class. It is immediately obvious that Christine has devoted several decades of observing and analyzing how pastels actually work in their multiple forms.

She moved the group through a logical sequence with an approach to composition, lighting, photographing, sketching a portrait, and the best use a live model. She attentively took us through her 5 layers of painting process over the three days. There was evidence even among the seasoned pastelists of one eye-opener after another under her guidance. She is a visionary. Not an overstatement.”

“The Power of Pastel workshop with Christine Swann completely resets the button on how to work with pastels.“  – Richard

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