“Christine’s use of light is breathtaking. Her artwork needs to be seen in person so you can appreciate the subtle shifts of color in her paintings as the day turns over into night…”

Off to Italy

“Indigent” recently traveled to Tivoli, Italy near Rome where it won Second Place in the Pasit Pastellists Italiani International Exhibition.


Pastel “20 x 16”

Pastel 100 Honorable Mention 2018 and Art Renewal Center International Salon Finalist.

Coat Hangers

Using diagonals or “armatures" became very important to me about 12 years ago. I found it was like taking coat hangers and finding ways to carefully hang the "coats of my designs" on them. Since I have been talking about the use of diagonals to enhance a painting, I thought this week I would take one of my favorite paintings of my son...

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