I don’t know if you are like me, but I have a ton of sketchbooks.

And the drawings in them are not pretty. They are scribbles and full of arrows and lines and half-baked thoughts. Artists with pretty drawings in their sketchbooks amaze me.  They must be the same kind of people who have homes so perfect they could be in a magazine.

Not me.

This past weekend I grabbed an old sketchbook and headed out to do some sketching with some other artists. When I was flipping through the pages I realized there were thoughts and ideas for paintings that I had forgotten about. Some things I didn’t even remember writing down. What the heck is this? Maybe this one? Ah… but this one still has merit… Obviously I was excited about them at one point, but no follow through, so they died a quiet death on a shelf.

But there were a few that hit me like an old friend and I found myself nodding along as I flipped through the pages and wondering if I could pick up the thread of a potential narrative again. I even ran into the initial sketches for the “Underwater” painting I recently finished. (See below) That’s fun too.  To see the initial tiny thumbnails and see how the final images compare.  Below you can see some of the original thumbnails for “War,” Abundance,” “Goldfish,” “Indigent” and the initial feel of the kintsugi “Love” panel. I write a lot.  I think with a pencil. And sometimes there are things worth pursuing. 

Anyway, I have a bunch of new work in progess right now. All a bit scattered. Some in oil, some in pastel, and some designs in sketchbooks where I have no idea what to do with them or where they could go. But over the weekend I planned out some new boards to fit some old frames. I tried to listen very hard to what my intuition was whispering to me. When I feel that slight euphoria in my gut (you know what I mean) I know it will be ok and the ideas will eventually take shape in paint. 

Wish me luck.

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