No, I’m not talking about the AC/DC song.

When I have been on a painting break for a bit for any reason, once I am back to painting, I say I am “back in black.” This is because for so long I tended to wear black t-shirts while painting. It is just a habit I picked up along the way so that pastels and paint don’t show up so much on my clothes. (practical me) Typically, I am painting and then bouncing back and forth with cooking, cleaning and running the kids around. So, wearing black just became my default mode. I even had “good” black t-shirts versus the regular ones.

I knew I had a problem when one day my youngest daughter who was about 10 years-old at the time asked me, “Mom, why are you always so goth?”

Hehe… nothing wrong with being goth, but I guess in my daughter’s eyes that did not go along with a 40-something year-old minivan-driving soccer mom. Artist or not.

Oh well. After that I did try to bring more colors into my wardrobe, so now I have lots of navy- whoo hoo!

This past week I have gotten back to work. Yeah! And we will just pretend I am wearing something colorful.


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