Sometimes you get to eat your cake and stay in bed too.

Monday I was having a bad day. Just lots of little things piling up, ya know? Cat throwing up. Didn’t sleep well, bills, computer issues, etc, etc… sometimes being a single mom can be overwhelming.

My daughter who is 20 years old and still home for the summer from school (yay) said what I needed was “bed cake.”

“Bed cake?” I asked.

“Yes!” she said. “A cake you eat in bed. For no reason. Because its weird and comforting.”

I was confused but it sounded like a good idea.

Wouldn’t you know it she then went out and surprised me with a tiny cake from the local grocery store and had them write this on it…

I got a little teared up. What a kind gesture.

Then she said. “You don’t eat “bed cake” on plates. That is way too formal. You just dive right into the cake with forks. In bed and surrounded by pillows.”

Sounded good to me. So we grabbed two forks and the cake and propped ourselves up on many pillows in my bed. Who knew that cake tasted better in bed? We dived in and ripped that baby up. Not one to fuss about crumbs, I loved it and needless to say it gets added to the “special moment box” in my mind. This is us…..

When my kids were little I gave them popsicles in the shower, mozzarella cheese sticks with marinara in the bathtub, popcorn in sheet forts and hot chocolate at midnight in their beds. I let them color on my paintings with me and I loved it when they came up with their own creative ideas. I am glad they think a bit outside of the box, question everything and find their own comforts.

So no art lesson this week. Sometimes ya just gotta let yourself eat cake.


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