It comes from a place deep within.

And everyone I have ever met who I deem as strong has had laughter as their main weapon. A positive outlook. A belief the next day will get better. It defeats illness and loss, grief and despair.

Endurance is needed to heal the other elements.


“Broken Vessel #11 / Endurance” pastel, 36 x 24″ 

I deliberately surrounded her in orange because in heraldry orange has traditionally been a symbol of courage. For some, just getting up and getting through the day and fighting dragons of illness, depression or despair is a courageous act. My model is my widowed neighbor who has become a good friend. I could not even conceive of painting her without a smile.

And here she is waiting for the saw. It is hard to see in the final image, but I deliberately left holes in the cracks and didn’t fully repair them so one can see right through to the board underneath.  Again, I am starting to deviate a bit from a traditional kintsugi treatment and leave some of the repair unfinished. This is wrapped in glassine and framers tape leaving the channels for the saw blade cuts.

Next week is the last image from the series and a self portrait…..


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