The first thing it does is to take away our sense of security. And the future will never be the same.

What brought safety before is now not enough to save us from our fears. So, like an old, comfortable, fuzzy blanket, security wraps us in comfort. Until it is taken away. The fallout can be as simple as nightmares and added stress, or as dramatic as failing health, financial loss, self-harm, or a search for that comfort through addiction.

This model is my son. And at the time of my very, very, fast separation his world was turned upside down. Like many kids who are a victim of divorce, his world was changed overnight.

Broken Vessel #3 / Security oil, 36″ x 24″

I was obsessed with his hand. There are so many thin layers. And painting someone upside down is tough. It distorts the features and if you turn him around and upside down, it looks very “off” since our brains are not used to seeing a face upside down. It tries to “correct” the distortions. So I painted him from life because I had to get it feeling natural. He was a trooper and posed for me laying upside down on a beanbag while l painted him in my living room under natural light.

I think he was yawning here… hehe….the blanket then had to be “broken.” I love how the more these images get “broken” the more it contrasts the 3-D portrait against the flat surface repair of the golden lines.

Here is a pic before it was cut up on how the fibonacci “spiral” fits in…so yes, his head was planned out to be in that “sweet spot.” Just like Hectors’ hand from last week. Then I had the gold cracks flow along this curve too.

The cracks and the way it was cut up with the saw reinforces the spiral, and if you see the painting in person, the gold leaf really glints. Hard to show that in the photos.

Here is the painting after cutting it up in pieces.

…….Thrilling I tell ya! Sorry- I know some of you are cringing…..

Here is a video of me figuring out how the pieces go back together.

Puzzle pieces

Remember- the gallery opening for the exhibition is on October 8th at the Christine Frechard Gallery in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh PA. 5-8pm. Sharing the gallery with me is my buddy and brilliant painter, Patrick Lee. Trust me, his work is worth seeing in person.

Hope to see you there….

Next week- The “Love” panel and my oldest daughter.

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