Love.  It makes ya crazy. 

My oldest daughter is now married and living happily in the Caribbean. She moved half a world away for love, and I am happy for her. So in the beginning of 2020 I knew I wanted her to represent love.  And how we have to heal from it.

I get annoyed with the romantic, naked images I see all the time online representing women “in love.”  Spread out on soft sheets, full breasts, big rumps and streaming sunlight.  Really? Fantasty much?

Love is gritty. It is fierce. It can take a person over. And not just in romantic relationships. It makes us fight for our children. Dedicate  obsessive amounts of time to our work. Our passions can consume us. Make us do irrational, crazy things.

So this my take on love…

“Broken Vessel #4 / Love”  Oil, 36 x 24″

This is not a simpy, love-sotted, half-naked girl spread out on a bed… No, love makes ya a little manic. So this girl is a little giddy. Exuberant, yet the stare is a little off. I have her standing in what I think of as the “red rain of desire.” it falls down on her and yet she is bold enough to reach out her hand into the pure, clean, light of love. Can she keep it? Hold on to it? Or is it something we cannot fully grasp like light beams.  

No one knows because love tends to chip away slowly, and the damage may be unrecognizable at first. So this panel is cracked around the edges… is even deliberately missing a tiny piece.

This panel has been tough to get an accurate, good photo. I have even had this shot by a professional photographer and the result is above.  It still does not capture the glow and the saturated, red oil paint. Again, I hope you get to see this panel in person.

Opening is October 8th, Christine Frechard Gallery in Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh PA. 5-8pm.

Here is the fibonacci swirl again and some developing photos:


Ahh…… that yellow stage is still there…this light source was very difficult to paint….. I love me a challenge…..

This painting is not a story about my daughters’ marriage (I actually love her husband) but I have known enough people in my life to know that holding on to love is hard. And trying to find it is even harder.

Next week, the Peace panel…..


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