Hello and Happy New Year!  Forgive me for being gone for a while,  I was working on this new website along with making the blog posts better and easier to access.   I learned a few very important things in the process…

#1. A working website is worth its weight in gold, and

#2. Finding a new professional web designer that you love is priceless!  So while you are here, be sure to look around and let me know what you think. (And if you need a new website, I have the best person to recommend. Contact info below.)

I read online that 2018 is the year of Purple.  Pantone picks and releases an official “Color of the Year” and this year it is “Utra Violet” #18-3838.  See above.  It is such a pretty color, but I have an objection to it being called “purple”….

If you look at a 12 chord color wheel closely,  you can see 3 colors that are vaguely called “purple.” Straight across from yellow is what artists call “violet” but to either side is separate territory….The very dignified Blue Violet and the very rich Red-Violet.

To me, these “purples” have 3 different personalities……

Violet a nice mix of red and blue.  Maybe what you typically think of as purple.

But our Pantone “Color of the year” falls into that hue family called blue-violet since it has more blue in the mix. (one of my fav colors, btw) This color always seems to find me hunting and pecking to find it without it getting rotated into the other hues.  Good blue-violet sticks are a treasure.

I also love red-violet.  It seems to be my go-to for most of my paintings.  Whenever I clean the the floor in my office, the rags always seem to come up red-violet, so I must use it a lot.

And it is easy to  think all “pink” colors fall into the red category,  but no, actually a lot of what is called “pink” in the cosmetics world is actually in the red-violet family. If the “pink” has a “cool cast” to it,  (more blue in the mix)  it may actually be red-violet like in all of these examples below and it doesn’t matter how light or dark the color.

So the next time you want to reach for a “purple” ask yourself –which one??

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