I am crabby. Crabby, crabby, crabby…

I was so crabby that I could not write a blog on time this week. I tried. The sentences would not come. The ideas would not appear. Write, write, write… yuk. Hmmm. Paint, paint paint… bleah.

Children ran away as I entered a room.

Now if you know me, you know that I am normally a happy person. It is my default mode. And most days I am up and raring to go in kick-ass mode. But not the last few days. Is it the quarantine? Is it boredom? Am I missing my favorite restaurant? Just hanging with my friends? Is it just a lack of good chocolate in my house? I really don’t know.

There are artists all over the internet that seem to have the most beautifully put together blogs, social media presence and videos. Perfect paintings. Happy videos. Perfect photos. The brush laying just SO in a photo. It would seem like they never have a hard time putting those things together.

I bet some days they do.

They all have crabby days. I have to believe that they are like me. Some days they don’t want to paint. Some days they are full of self-doubt. It takes so much work to look so polished. Those news anchors didn’t just roll out of bed all happy and perfectly coiffed and made up perfectly. That crap takes time and energy… and lots of coffee. So does art. This stuff is hard. Art is hard. Creating of any sort is hard. Life gets in the way sometimes and then we grouse. And the more we learn and more we realize that we have more to learn. Crap!

So if you are feeling out of sorts, wondering why the art is not flowing so perfectly and why you wake up one day feeling crabby for no apparent reason, realize that you are not alone.

I will be back to my happier self tomorrow. Probably. But today I am wallowing in the sand. Crabby.

And in not writing a blog about not writing a blog, I just wrote one… ha. So there.

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