This disease afflicts many artists and causes indecision, mini strokes, (that are timid) jittery nerves, wimpy colors and a false sense of being accomplished. Yes, it is the dreaded…. Precious Painting Syndrome.

Just because you created something, doesn’t mean it is good. The worst is when there is that nagging feeling that something is off with the painting, but you think “Hey, I have spent so much time on this and I don’t want to ruin it and waste all my precious time, so hopefully no one will notice that his nose is on upside down….”

Another symptom is when you are in love with a certain section of a painting- (“man, I am good!”) but that area just doesn’t help the painting as a whole. But you just can’t risk changing it…it has become too precious!

Prescriptions include 1. Looking at your painting upside down, 2. Subjecting it to opinions from non-artists (and being grateful for the non-artsy advice.) 3. Throwing on loud music, getting a big stick of pastel, take a deep breath and paint with your gut! No pain, no gain, and all that……

Side effects may include: Blurred vision, (from squinting too much) loss of high chroma areas, mental fatigue, trouble swallowing (your pride) weight gain from too much chocolate therapy and/or death of a painting. But the end result may be worth it!!!! Seek medical/artistic help immediately if you throw the painting in a closet for longer than a week.

Don’t let PPS get you down! (Paintings are only pigment and paper after all) Throw out your fear and feel better about facing your next painting!

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