There is a gremlin in my house. It leaves fingerprints all over the place. Especially on door jambs, light switches and on handles……

I think in most homes, the mom would scold the kids of the house, but I know better. It is just me. I am afraid I am the guilty party. I tend to get in a hurry and grab the door after working or take a painting outside to be sprayed, photographed, etc, forget to wash my hands, and I leave a dusty trace.


My mind works like this….”I’m thirsty. I can just get a drink of water and get back to work….hmm……what are these marks on my glass?”

I have had some friends over the years who hate it when their kids get out the crafts and make a mess all over the place. Paint or glitter and glue. But I can’t complain. My kids want to paint? Grab the glue gun and make a miniature golf course? (my son just did that btw- see below…) I have no excuse to say no. My kids are used to seeing me with smudges on my face or sketches and drawings all over the floor, so my saying that they can’t make a mess doesn’t work in our house. They know I lead the way.


There are painters that never get a speck on them while painting. How do they do that? Everything seems to jump on me. House paint, pastel, charcoal….

Oh well….That is why I have 50 black T-shirts……

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