It’s time for pie…

Here in the States we celebrate Thanksgiving. And tomorrow I will be eating too much turkey and pie along with most of my fellow Americans. The holiday is convoluted. It has a rather dark history that somehow has turned into eating too much and watching American football.

But I have always liked that at the heart of this holiday it is a reminder to stop and give thanks. For me it is more- it is about gratitude. Gratitude is something I have strived to incorporate into my everyday life over the last few years. It is more than giving thanks, it is a true appreciation for even tiny things, the abundance of the “lemons” (good things) in my life and what my life is and where it is going.

I find myself this year being more grateful than ever before. I am grateful for the Zoom classes that I have been able to teach that have reached artists all over the world. I am grateful that I get to wake up each day and paint and that the ideas keep flowing from a source that I finding humbling. I am grateful I have the best friends a person could ever have. I am grateful that I can write these blogs and reach artists who have truly become my cheerleaders over the years. Some days those positive comments have made all the difference… and I thank you.

But as usual, by this time of the year I am tired. I need to turn inward to find motivation for new work, dedicate time to my children and find new ways to celebrate the people and moments of every day.

So, with a grateful heart to all of you, this is my last blog of 2021. Please know that I wish all of you the very best that life has to offer over the upcoming holidays, and that I am happily making cookies, taking walks and logging my time at the easel. I have a lot of amazing things planned for 2022 including getting back to teaching in person in both Sante Fe and in Antigua.

And… big announcement… I will be having a gallery show of an entirely new body of work –IN OILS– (that no one has seen) later in the year. More information on that will be coming in the Spring.

So, life is busy. And I have a grateful heart. And I will be back soon and (you know me) I will have a LOT more to say in 2022.

Thanks for tagging along for the ride.


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