I am back! Happy New Year!

And in typical fashion I have a New Years’ resolution:  Paint, and then market the shit out of my paintings. Sounds pretty simple right?

So on the advice of a friend and marketing guru, in the first week of January one thing I decided to do  was to seriously dive into Instagram. Posting every few days.  Responding to comments and staying on top of the interactions. And posting reels. (ugg… not my strength)

But my strength is pastels and understanding color, so I  figured I would start by making simple reels that showed the complexity of color when it comes to pastel sticks. I teach about color, and everyone loves lessons on color, right?  So I took a pastel stick in “grey” and ran it across a bunch of different-colored surfaces, showing how that seemingly “neutral” color will change and shift and show its underlying true colors. Any artist that has worked with any kind of color mixing knows color can be shifty. 

I named the reel “Grey is not a Color.” (because it is not) and it was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. 

My daughter says having “haters” lets you know you are successful. Well, I felt very successful last week.

My little reel has been viewed almost 1.4 million times and has over 75,000 likes. (and still growing) Color theorists, artists, armchair commenters, trolls and the colorblind have all chimed in. Many have compared my reel to the “is the dress blue or white” scandal from the 90’s. 

Well, if I wanted to increase the number of people following my account, it worked. 

Then I added more “Grey is not a Color” reels with Part 2 and Part 3….it is actually cool stuff.

And it has let me realize that most people don’t understand color.  Or see the nuances. But what helps when an artist is standing in front of a blank canvas? 

One physicist argued, (rudely, with a lot of name-calling) that all colors combined produce white, and that of course grey is a color ……Well, that is great when it comes to light and color theory and additive color- where different-colored light beams added together create white light. True. But I am talking about the struggle of every artist which is subtractive color– pigments being added together to create certain mixtures. Any 5-year-old knows that if you mix every paint color in the art room together in a bowl the resulting mixture is anything but white.

Theory vs Application.

And I have learned through this little experiment that color nuance is hard to explain. And that being an artist and truly understanding color is difficult. 

But I love it.

So as I move forward with my resolution this year, I will be adding new reels every week on color perception and nuance. (I am a sucker for punishment. Plus, I am a Taurus and very stubborn, so I am not backing down now- because grey is definitely not a color) If you follow along, you may be surprised by some of the videos- Mother Nature does some cool things with color. You may also be surprised at how crazy and mean people can be as well. 

That’s ok. I am going to reach a new level of success this year. 

Here is the link to the first reel, “Grey is not a color” and if you can leave a kind comment I would appreciate it. I could use it.

More to come. Life is funny and you never know where it will lead ya….Let me know your thoughts on the reel.  See ya next week.

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