And sometimes I can just paint without all the constraints.

Here is a recent commission. A little guppy of a girl. There are always intentions and goals with any piece, but here they were simpler. The parents wanted backlit hair and a direct gaze. I still wanted her to feel alive and have her hair filled with light and lovely textures.

Pushing around the colors in the last Goldfish painting got my brain to think more carefully about choices and color shifts. So, when I go back to this sort of “realistic” painting it feels like a walk in the park. Tiny color shifts are not scary and I can still paint with abandon.

Whether I am setting up challenges for myself or painting for others, I love the entire process. I talk in my workshops about how creating a work is like getting on a train and staying on that track until the end of the journey. I just have to make sure I stay on the right path to get the results I want at the end.

Then the final destination is a welcoming place.


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