Today I am hurkle-durkleing….

This past weekend I moved my daughter from South Carolina to Baltimore, Maryland. She finally got her dream job out of college- She will be writing for Johns Hopkins for their marketing and communications department. I am both happy and sad.  Happy for her and all that awaits her in this new city and new job and a bit sad that she will not live with me anymore.

Friday I drove a 15-foot UHaul with all of her things (and cats) the nine hours up to her new apartment on the Baltimore harbor. And then since we Swann women are badasses, we unloaded the entire truck ourselves that night. At 11pm neighbors on the street could have heard us yelling, “Pivot! Pivot!” as we lugged her sectional sofa up the back deck stairs and into her living room. 

We cried.  We laughed. We played fun music and a few sad songs too. I didn’t want to leave. Another child has flown the nest. 

I flew home on Sunday to my son who had fallen rock climbing and needed to see a doctor for an xray. (he is fine btw, no broken ankle) Monday I hit the ground running as usual. I needed to finish a painting and spent the day in the studio. Then yesterday I was teaching, working out and cleaning my apartment back to its original state before my daughter was living here for the last 8 months after she graduated from college. 

I am exhausted.

So I am declaring a hurkle-durkle day.

It is a 200-year old Scottish word meaning to lounge around in bed long after it is time to get up.  I am turning off my phone, ignoring my computer, finding a book and I will try to ignore my loft and laundry. I will try to do nothing more strenuous than making tea. Laying around is not in my nature. My kids are always yelling at me to just sit and enjoy a movie for longer than 15 minutes.  I am not sure why, but it is so hard! My mom was the same way. I love my bed. Time to appreciate it. I have tons of paintings hanging above it from a lot of artist friends and of course, my favorite mug with the word ” Phoenix” on it.  

So next week I will be back to artsy wisdom. But rest is important to creativity and I need to get refueled- so right now I am taking a nap….

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