Drawing from life….like running scales on a piano for a musician, it is crucial.

So I run a drawing session nearly every week with a live model at the Greenville Center for Creative Arts right next to my home in South Carolina.  The cool thing is that the classroom is right around the corner from my studio.

This week though I am in my studio on the computer watching along for 4 amazing days of Pastel LIVE. My demo is on Thursday, and I am chatting with artists from around the world. So when you get this I am happily shut up in my studio watching the convention live. I hope to see you online!

Meanwhile, I thought the blog this week would just be sharing a recent portrait I did in a drawing class. Two 20-minute sessions on the same pose resulted in this.  Enjoy!

I’ll be back with more regular “words of wisdom” next week…. 😊


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