I love it when new opportunities come my way…

I had mentioned a long time ago that in another life (read much younger) I did a lot of freelance illustration and graphic design work. Logos, illustrations, apartment building signs, brochures, newsletters and even a billboard. Yup. Anything to make a buck.  When you freelance you have to be scrappy and learn to hustle. I guess I still have that bent.

But at one point I realized I just missed painting. That was right after I had my oldest daughter. So 25 years ago. That realization  then led me to follow a fainter and more rocky path down to where I am today and at some point I hung up my graphic design software.

Funny how life comes back around.

I now find myself with a wonderful opportunity. Not only am I working at designing the Fall cover of the Pittsburgh Quarterly Magazine, but I am also writing a new column for the magazine which will start off by featuring my new body of work that will be opening at my exhibition on October 8th at the Christine Frechard Gallery in Lawrenceville. Mark your calendar!

So cool.

More information is coming out soon about all of these things, so hold on tight! Gotta finish up a bunch of things first. Painting, painting. Writing, writing…. I’m putting back on my illustrator hat and returning to my roots a bit….

Life is good.  More info soon.

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