So I came back from the IAPS convention fired up to use all of those things that I have been talking about for the last few weeks regarding plein air. Now it is just a matter of going out and putting in the time.  

Do I have a goal in mind with these outings? No, not really. Am I creating paintings to do something with them? No, no real goal here either although I was hoping to get a dozen or so plein air paintings together and frame them to have a little body of work. Problem is, I keep selling them… which is really not a problem. 

No, I just know I have to keep doing these in order to get any better. Like running scales on a piano or practicing new recipes, the skills will translate. I am already seeing a change and a new mind-set with some of my other “studio” work. A quick dash of paint might work better than labored, over-thought marks? Yes please. Plein air makes one get to the heart of the matter.  Not a bad thing to keep in mind. 

Plus, I am having fun. I never thought at my age I would find myself standing out on a street corner painting and handing out cards and enjoying the sunsets while happily painting cars and trees, but here I am. (I even got a thumbs-up approval from a motorcyclist- see below) The South Carolina summer has started off brutally hot, so recently I have been retreating into my studio during the daytime (portraits on my brain) and venturing out at night with my trusty easel. I currently have 3 exhibitions to prep for, upcoming travel workshops and new commissions to start. I am also happy to say that I am being represented by the Thornback Gallery in Greenville. A new, wonderful space.  More on that to come!

Oh! And I have opened up a second mentorship class that is starting on Tuesdays from 3:30-until 6:00. So any Greenville SC artist that is up for a challenge to completely change your work and that want to join in, the sessions are concentrated and challenging including Pythagorean armatures, color theory, and more sophisticated handling of color- in any medium.  If your brain hurts after the class, I have done my job! Please email me if interested. The class is very limited to a few students. [email protected].

Next month is my next Power of Pastel workshop. August 10 and 11th. This one is online so you can join me from anywhere in the world. You will get recordings of the classes and I promise you will never look at pastel the same way again. Email me!

Then I will be back in Pittsburgh the weekend of August 23rd for a Master workshop with models at Sweetwater Center for the Arts. I will also have an opening exhibition of my new body of work, “Illumination” on Friday night, August 23rd in downtown Sewickley at a new gallery space. More info to come. Hope I can see you then.

Never a dull moment. 

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