You know you are an artist when…

My son came up to me recently and I reminded him that he needed to clean out his pet lizard’s cage. Ping Pang (above) is a Bearded Dragon and he is actually a pretty cute and easy pet. We have had him for years. He likes cuddles.

So after a few minutes my son came back and said we were out of plain newsprint. We have a large artist newsprint pad that is used to cover the bottom of the cage.

No problem, right? I am an artist. Lots ‘o paper lying around in my studio.

So after searching high and low and going through reams and reams of newsprint and drawing pads, I realize that all the large pads I have are full of life drawings. I must have filled them all up!

“Well Braeden, Pang is going to have to get drawings on the bottom of his cage for a while… he will be a very cultured lizard!”

“No, mom, no! No nudie drawings!” and he ran out of the room.

(hehehehe… evil giggle)

So we have a lizard that appreciates art. Or not. Don’t worry- they are charcoal and the “drawing side” is face-down so he is only on the blank side.

Hmmm… It makes me think about my art video… and the destruction of art? Yes, those drawings were important in the moment, like running scales on a piano. Now they serve another purpose.


I hope this made you giggle. Hang in there! We will all be out and about soon and then we will be able to buy paper and draw models all together again.

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