My son likes rap….

And so I have tried to learn about it.  It is a nice thing to be alone with your 16-year old and have something to chat about in the car on the way back and forth to school. It has led to some very interesting conversations between my son and me over the past few years. A few weeks ago he went to a J.I.D concert.  It is music I would have never listened to on my own. Beforehand my son played his songs for me and then we chatted about them. Lyrics, rhythm, stories….it is a lot of poetry, really. And then there is the emphasis on the beat… Paintings can have a beat too.  A rhythm.  A cadence.  Repeating marks can add to the overall harmony. Link areas that otherwise may feel disconnected.  

It is also good to expose ourselves to art and artists that are outside our comfort zone.  That do not work like us at all. There are artists that I don’t really care for, but that I can appreciate.  It helps once I understand them a bit more.  My son has helped me understand the artists he admires.  I have helped him understand my love of YoYo Ma and Peter Gabriel. But the similarities are the same-  the songs and the images are tied to emotion. A story brought forth by an artist. 

Here is a pastel artist that I absolutely love that is so very different from me.  Deborah Stewart.  Here is a link to her work and oh!  If I could only paint that lushly! Hope you enjoy her work.

So the next time you are in the car turn on some rap or jazz or bluegrass.  Something you never listen to and see if it triggers something in you.  Gets the wheels turning in your head and perhaps gives ideas for images. Then talk about it. And then create. 

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