“Lifes like a road that you travel on, when there’s one day here and the next day gone…”  – Rascal Flatts. 

I moved.

Well, just down the hall from Studio #8 to Studio #10, but still… Moving a studio is work! It is the most serious of Spring cleaning.  It was exhausting and fun, but so much stuff to go through and rearrange and maybe this will work better over here? And, of course, I had to paint the walls with fresh paint. A warm white to offset all the cool natural light from this great, old cotton mill building. The studio space I was in for the last year was not very wide.  And  I am a pacer. I like to get up close to the painting and then back away.  Close. Fall back. Close. Whack! I hit the wall behind me. 

Several times a day. 

So a studio down the hall came up for grabs so I moved. And painted it. And started again. It is only 2 feet wider than my last space, but it feels like so much more room. And it is funny how we can condition our actions. Now that I am all settled into the new space and painting again, I still find myself walking away from the easel at a severe angle so I don’t walk into the wall behind me.  Lol.  I keep forgetting that I can go straight back to analyze things now.  

I am surrounded by my favorite paintings, and my huge drafting table, but the coolest thing is that I get to have my rocking chair back! This rocker rocked me and my sister and then I rocked all three of my babies in it.  Then after that it was always in my studio space across from my easel. I think of it as my pondering chair. I drink tea and sit and stare…and stare….sometimes more than I paint. This art stuff is mental work, ya know, so I need to be able to study the work and my rocking chair is my comfort spot to get my brain to either calm down or to kick into gear.  

So if you are near Greenville, SC on April 5th, it is the next First Friday where all the artists in town are up for visits.  I will have my door open – come and find me!

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