There was a time not long ago when I looked back on the past 20 years and realized that I gotten away from the company of other artists. Sure, I was working as I could with three kids and a crazy, busy life, but I hardly ever saw another artist. I hardly ever went to a show.  Even for an opening for an artist I knew. I hardly ever went to meetings for the art groups I paid to belong to every year. I would see the meetings for that night and then decided I was too tired to go.

I lost the company of my peeps.

So in 2019 I started The Artist Guild based out of Sweetwater Center for the Arts in my new hometown. It is a lovely Art Center that has been around for over 46 years with a wonderful space for classes. I asked if I could bring in speakers working in all mediums to just share what they do with the public and with other artists. No membership fees. No officers. No fuss. No cost. And it was purely selfish- I missed the company of other artists.

We had lovely year. The last 2 years have been on hold, but I am so happy we are up and running again starting tonight. So often we have no idea what talent is in our own backyards and I feel the need to celebrate the amazing artists living in Pittsburgh, PA where I have spent my entire life. Most artists are solitary animals and I am no exception. But there is something special about coming together with other working artists and hearing about another artists’ struggles, triumphs and to get a chance to compare scars along the way.

So I hope you will join us. And if you want to do that from the comfort of your home, you can!  We are live-streaming the talk starting at 7pm tonight- Wednesday, February, 2nd 2022. Just click this link and you will be taken to YouTube where you will be able to hear our inaugural speaker, Mark Zingarelli, who I talked about last week. A glimpse of his work is above.

And if you come out in person, be sure to say hi!!!  😊 I take hugs too.


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