Survival is its own creative act.

I love this symbol. The unilome is a buddhist symbol that represents the varied and winding path our lives have to take until one has found their way.

Last week I held zoom classes with the Pastel Society of Central Florida. I was supposed to go in person, but it changed to zoom. Now this was not something I planned to do as an artist. And this is not how I saw myself surviving as an artist.

But as a quote from Jurassic Park says… life finds a way.

Teaching classes like this are letting me survive these times and it has brought a different perspective to my own work.

It is good. It is fun. It has been a way to channel so many of the lessons and significant things that I have learned and implemented into my own work along the way.

I am still on a meandering path. I guess we all are, so if you want to join in and see what has affected my work the most over the years, I have three, 2-hour workshops scheduled for next week.

Hopefully they can help you along on your own meandering path. These are set up as academic classes with lots of information to get you to think carefully about your own work moving forward.

February 25th
The Thirds of the Head  1:00- 3pm
This has had a profound affect on me. How to get a likeness rather quickly, whether from a photo or from a model. Never fails- from any angle.

February 26th
The Law of Light  10:00-12pm
There is no understanding how to paint anything without understanding Light. Especially the complex topography of the head. I will teach you the Law of Light and the 5 rules …and how not to break them. If you don’t understand how light acts, it is a lot tougher understanding form and conveying reality.

February 26th
The Power of Pastel  1:00- 3pm
My philosophy on how to control pastel. If you love the medium, but always find yourself fighting the sticks, this class is for you.

To register for anything, send me an email:  [email protected]

Each class is $75 and all participants get a video of the class as well.

See ya next week!  Christine


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